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My Story

For as long as I've been in education, I've had a really big vision for what it could be. I knew that education as a whole was not working for the students of today, and Jewish education was even further behind. I believed Jewish education could (and should) raise the bar in all areas – engaging students in authentic learning so that they could build and strengthen their Jewish identities while also developing the skills necessary to thrive in the world of tomorrow (and make it a better place for everyone!).


I've had the honor of working with many great educational organizations over the last 20 years -- synagogues, schools, central agencies, institutes, start-ups, even starting and running my own school --  but my big vision for education exceeds beyond any one single institution. In order to have the impact I want, I realized I needed to take this vision farther and wider, involving more people doing more cool things.


Hence Sarah Rubinson Consulting and Contracting. 


Sarah Rubinson Consulting and Contracting helps individuals and organizations involved in progressive Jewish education ideate and launch the innovative ideas that they don’t have the manpower to imagine and execute on their own. 


I have been so fortunate to connect with such amazing people during my many years in this field, and they have all played such an important role in my getting to today. I am excited to keep connecting to, learning from, and working with more amazing individuals and organizations who are doing exciting work!

What Makes Working with Me Unique?

We are Partners


We work together as partners to clearly understand and articulate your goals and why they are important to your organization in order to ensure outcome alignment.

Every Voice Counts


We include all key stakeholders to gain consensus in order to set up the organization for success in the future.

Driven by Data


Work is research-backed, taking into consideration relevant academic studies as well as specific data gathered from your organization. 

Set up for Success


Our work together includes an implementation plan and a clear framework to help you achieve your goals.

My Core Business Values

Let’s work together to set a foundation for a successful partnership!


Like with any partnership, aligning our values and understanding mutual expectations will give us the tools to work toward success.  


I believe that approaching the world with wonder and asking questions to explore and understand while embodying flexibility and a growth mindset leads to new ideas and new ways of doing things.



I believe that committing to the highest standards and showing dedication and accountability allows for addressing challenges and achieving ambitious goals in order to truly make a difference.


I believe that engaging in all things with a sense of positive energy and enthusiasm opens the room for inspiration, creativity, and joy.


I believe that showing up each day with a balance of courage and vulnerability enables an honest, safe environment where everyone can be their best true selves.

Are We a Good Fit?


Do my Core Business Values resonate with you?


Are you an organization that promotes curiosity?

Do you have a commitment to excellence?

Do you bring a sense of passion to your work?

Do you create a culture where authenticity is celebrated?

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