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Sarah Rubinson
Consulting & Contracting Overview






ideal client

Who I Serve: Aspiring and growing solopreneurs and small
businesswomen in service industries who...

Have a great business idea and want a proven, step-by-
step process to get a company off the ground.

Struggle to get through every day without systems in place.
Are ready to grow their presence and expand their reach.
Need accountability to stay motivated/on-track with their goals.
Are ready to get out of “mechanics mania” and “analysis paralysis” and activate a more
strategic, focused approach to running their business.

contact information (ncluding social)

let's be partners, support each other

about me

who I serve

Who am I?

What do I do?

Whom can I empower?

How can we support each other?

Project Activities


How Can We Support Each Other?

Coming from a possibility mindset/abundance 

I am a thorough, big-picture thinker who also balances the details in order to empower you and your organization to reach your goals.


What does that look like?


  • Make introductions to growing teams who are seeking support in aligning their structures with values.
    • Facilitate mutual connections for speaking opportunities (e.g. events, conferences, webinars).

  • • Co-host workshops for teams that combine our unique areas of expertise.

  • • Regularly connect to share wins, challenges, opportunities, etc. as we both grow our business.

  • We go farther when we go together.
    I believe that we create more impact for those we serve when we collaborate with and support
    other like-minded professionals. Here are a few ways in which you can help:
    Make introductions to women who would be good-fit coaching and/or course clients

  • Facilitate introductions for Speaking Opportunities: Event & Conference Organizers or
    Committee Members, organizations seeking workshops

  • Women entrepreneurs who are seeking a sisterhood of support, masterclass learning,
    mastermind opportunities, brand exposure, connections to resources for the Membership

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