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Excellence and Innovation in

I empower educational leaders who are struggling with irrelevant, outdated, or lacking programs to create effective and engaging environments so that students are prepared for the future.


I specialize in the integration of future-ready mindsets and skills and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Now is the time.

Our students are counting on us.


Are you...

Involved in progressive, student-centered Jewish education in some way – school, camp, synagogue, agency, start-up?


Interested in pushing yourself and your organization to grow?


Wanting to more effectively engage your students, staff, or stakeholders in order to reach your goals – and have fun while you do it?

If you answered “yes,” this is for you!

Meet Sarah

Jewish Organizational Expert | Educator

I'm Dr. Sarah Rubinson Levy, and I've been involved in Jewish education since 2001 – working, teaching, consulting, and writing in the areas of supplemental, day school, adult, and experiential education.

I've always believed that our students deserve the best possible education, an experience that is both effective and fun! I believe education is long overdue for a total transformation so that our students are best equipped to succeed in the future, and I am excited to be a part of that movement.


I have an undergraduate degree in business and sociology and hold a Master of Jewish Education degree from Hebrew College, a doctorate in education from Northeastern University, and certificates in Advanced Jewish Studies, Day School Education, and Jewish Educational Leadership. Most recently, I was a founding head of school for Einstein Academy, a progressive private school based on Jewish values and culture in Denver, CO. My approach integrates empathy and curiosity with research to work with the organization in a way that is both realistic and aspirational.


My Areas of Expertise Include


Pedagogies & Curriculum

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Professional Learning & Coaching

Framework and System Development

Program Evaluation and Data Analysis

What actually is "progressive education"?

​Progressive education involves a strong emphasis on life-long learning, problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, social-emotional learning, and learning through experience. It values highly personalized, differentiated learning that puts the student at the center, with the teacher as the guide of that learning and uses authentic means of assessment, evaluating student learning through projects and real-world tasks. Additionally, progressive education emphasizes the community and service learning, encouraging students to consider their impact on society and their obligation to do good.

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