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My Story

While I love the work that I do and I am excited by every project, ultimately what matters most is the outcomes we achieve together --

the outcomes that positively impact your organization and your learners.

The activities of the project are the tools through which we achieve the desired outcomes.

What Makes Me Unique?

We work together as partners to clearly understand and articulate your goals and why they are important to your organization in order to ensure outcome alignment.

We include all key stakeholders to gain consensus in order to set up the organization for success in the future.Areas

Work is research-backed, taking into consideration relevant academic studies as well as specific data gathered from your organization. 

Our work together includes an implementation plan and a clear framework to help you achieve your goals.

My Core Business Values

I also welcome you to share with me the values that you find important in a working relationship so that we set the foundation for a successful partnership. 


Clear and Open Communication 

I value honesty and direct feedback and find that the key to any successful relationship (working or otherwise) is the ability and commitment to communicate with each other. Email is generally my preferred method of communication, and I do my best to respond to any communication within a timely manner and ask that you do the same (no more than 24 business hours). Over the course of our working together, I will be sure to be in regular communication, keeping you informed of the progress we are making. I will also share with you anything that I need from you in order to strengthen our work together, and I ask that you do the same. Should you need additional or different communication, please let me know. I also ask that any changes to any meetings or dates on the agreed upon timeline be made at least 48 hours in advance, whenever possible.



I am committed to the highest standards in my work with you and truly value your partnership in this work. During our time together, we will clearly articulate responsibilities and timelines, and we will each do our best to stick to that proposed timeline. Should any adjustments need to be made to the scope or timeline of any aspect of the project, we will clearly communicate that and agree upon any revisions. 


Curiosity, Learning, and Growth

I approach the world with curiosity, always asking questions in order to understand and learn more with a growth mindset. This approach opens new ideas and new ways of doing things and encourages me to always “think big.” I encourage you to open yourself to this curiosity.

Good Fit Clients

Do my Core Business Values resonate with you?

Do you also value clear and open communication?


And curiosity, learning, and growth?

If so, we could be great partners!

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